why i’m called rooty

in which a poorly-kept secret is finally revealed.

On this day in 2002 I signed up for TheForce.net’s Jedi Council forums. Ten years on, I’m still a member, although far less active than I was back in the golden days. But what golden days! I have such fond memories of summer 2003, in which I alternated my time between lounging around in the sun reading Star Wars novels and discussing them at the JC (and also making mischief at the Wes Janson Fan Club and the NJOFC). I’ve met plenty of excellent people at the JC and made some great friends from around the world, several of whom I (still to this day!) consider to be close friends.

Ten years ago, could I have known how important the JC would end up being to me? How big a part of my life it would become? How much I’d come to like and care for the people I met there? The effects of spending most of my formative years on that site? How much of my self-identity would come from that place?  I don’t know. You tell me, Rooty.


1 Response to “why i’m called rooty”

  1. 1 Andy Morris [Nisse] (@anders_) October 23, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    Very disappointing that the link titled “Rooty in a dress” no longer works.

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