a prologue of sorts

Football is back! Blogging is back? We’ll have to see, but there’s definitely a sense of renewed excitement here at chez Lincoln Grove. (Oh, yeah, I moved house! but come on, football.) Excitement, and dread. Cold cold dread. As I learnt last year when Blackpool spanked us 4-0 at the DW, there’s nothing worse than your team losing to a newly promoted side right at the start of the season. This year we face all three in a row. What could go wrong?

Of course, football was back last week. There’s life outside the Premiership, and so on and so forth! I caught the second half of Hull v Blackpool in a bar on Friday. But football was back at the DW last week, with a friendly match arranged against Villarreal, who are that Spanish side with Giuseppe Rossi and Marcos Senna. They finished fourth in La Liga last season, which is a Champions League place, so I wasn’t really expecting us to do well.

The match was friendly in every sense of the word. We won 1-0, but Villarreal weren’t really trying. They’re a week behind us in their preseason, since the Spanish league starts a week later (or actually, three weeks later, what with the strikes and everything) than ours, and whilst they were game for the first half, they basically stopped trying in the second. Rossi came on with about ten minutes to go and caused some trouble, but we held on for a precious victory. Precious? I’m not sure. I’d rather have lost a game that had some intensity than won a game that was played at such a slow pace. Martínez called Villarreal “cute” after the game, and it’s a good description. Cute. We’ll have to see.

Norwich tomorrow. For real. They’re actually going to be trying. We still don’t have a right winger. Going past our left back is like going past a paper bag. Our defence, for Christ’s sake. Oh god oh god oh god.

We’ll be fine, mind. We always are.


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