all i can feel is time standing still

…and so I took a break from thinking! Mathematics is a fabulous thing, but trying to wrap your head around it can sometimes be a difficult task. You can’t hope to float in a sea of abstraction, and so you have to take a deep breath and submerge yourself in it. I do my best work fitfully, thirty minute spells of hyperconcentration broken up by meandering breaks. But sometimes these breaks aren’t enough (they often aren’t breaks from working, but breaks from working really hard), and your mind feels like it’s burning from the inside with all the maths inside there. In these circumstances, you have to go and do something else, relax, and let the fires die out. In the ashes you often find true understanding.

Last week was like that. I’d been butting my head against a brick wall of a problem, and then it broke and a million ideas flew through my head at once. It was a moment of pure clarity that lasted for days. I got so much done, but my head hurt. So what a nice coincidence it was that I was already visiting my parents this weekend! I came home, I chilled out, watched silly YouTube videos with my mum, did crosswords with my dad, walked the dog (before you get excited, it’s not ours), drank beer, and didn’t think. This is much like my weekends in Manchester, minus my parents and the dog, but it’s amazing how much more relaxed being at home is, when you don’t have to contend with numerous little things such as “what shall I do tonight?” or “what shall I have for dinner?”. Being at home rocks.

I had a really nice, quiet weekend! There, I said it quicker.


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