like a curtain falling

when i got older, when i grew bolder
out onto the streets i flew
released from your shackles
i danced with the jackals
and learned a new way to move

I’ve fallen into this nonsense habit of writing really long posts, and then reading them through and deciding they’re far too self-indulgent for me to post. But surely a blog – one like this, anyway – is meant to be self-indulgent? I think that imagining an audience and then moderating my posts for them is far more self-indulgent than anything I could hope to write here.

Except I don’t have to imagine an audience – I know who reads this, I have a fairly good idea of how often they read it, and so on. So, I guess I want to put on a good face for them? In conclusion: you know when you spend an hour straightening your hair before a night out? No? Oh.

so before you take this song as truth
you should wonder what i’m taking from you
how i benefit from you being here
lending me your ears while i’m selling you my fears

* * *

Nothing to do with anything dept.: WordPress has this new feature where you can turn off everything on the page where you write new posts, so you’re typing onto a completely blank screen. It’s really, really slick. Check it out!


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