royal weddings

I (famously) love weddings! But I dislike the monarchy. What’s a boy to do?

Disapprove, I think. I don’t know how the  royal wedding’s being paid for, but I’m fairly confident that a substantial amount of taxpayer’s money is going towards it, it’s difficult to really be moved or awed by the grandeur of the thing with this in the back of your mind. It makes it into less of an “I love weddings” thing and more of an “I dislike the Royals” thing, really. And why do I like weddings so much? There are too many reasons and I’m too tired to go into it here, but it’s obviously to do with going to them and spending time with friends and loved ones and basking in the happiness of the occasion. Watching people I don’t know and whose idea I dislike just isn’t the same. Obviously.

* * *

I have some fab friends here in Manchester; the sort of people who will get up early to watch the wedding and spend the rest of the day drinking and eating pizza. My friends from Sheffield and the Midlands are like this, too, but the point is that I’m so so lucky to find such brilliant people wherever I go. Long may it continue.


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