a history in rust

This entire post is going to be boring for a lot of people. Fair warning.

Lots of people like to write about their Football Manager games. Most of these accounts are terrible: dry match reports for every game played, every transfer deal reported in excruciating detail, endless lists of statistics. I’m sure the actual games behind these are brilliant – full of drama, excitement, and glory – but  somehow the authors can’t translate this across to their writing, and what’s really important gets lost behind a crushing amount of numbers and details.

That’s why it was such a nice surprise to find a FM story so compelling and readable as Pro Vercelli. This is compulsive reading, and I can’t recommend it enough. It follows the path of every FM story – obscure team in lower leagues rises to European dominance – but reads like you’ve not heard this story a thousand times before. It almost makes you wish that the story is real life, and actual football is just some bad computer game version. Certainly the final post, which talks about about the narrative FM creates versus how realistic it is, is a must read. If you’re interested in such things.

(It’s well worth spending some time on the site, it’s actually excellent. I particularly enjoyed this article about Bojan Krkic.)

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