i plead apathy

What’s the point of this blog? It’s certainly not for recounting what I’ve been doing. It used to be, or perhaps more accurately, its previous incarnation used to be. It could be quite fun, really: I’d hang out with my friends and we’d all go and post on LiveJournal about the stuff we’d been up to together, and it was nice to be able to read through it again from someone else’s perspective. But these days I don’t have the time or the energy to live through something and then go and write about it, and besides, the people who read this blog aren’t the people I spend most of my time with these days (sadly). Nobody wants to read about the fun people are having without you.

So what’s the point? There has to be a point, of course, otherwise I’m just wasting my time. I used to like the idea of having a chronicle of my life, but I’m now of the opinion that memories already have somewhere to live, where they’ll be more vivid than I could do them justice here. I guess looking over old posts is cool, for about thirty seconds and then it becomes super embarrassing. “I wrote that? Really?

I said there had to be a point otherwise I’m wasting my time, and I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time at all. So there must be a point, even if I don’t know it. I guess I like to think about things that are bothering me in a less public setting these days, and I no longer have the gumption write regular “what I’ve been up to this week” posts, but I do enjoy posting here, even if it’s not very often, and I find it worthwhile when I do. So keep the faith! That goes for both of us.

Basically: this is an awfully long way of saying “gee, my posting here sure is irregular!”


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