no getting rid of me

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is truly magical. The only bad thing about it is that you have to share it with so many people. Far too many people, really – the place was packed when we got there. I think the designers made a brave choice, because rather than build a theme park with a Harry Potter theme, they built an exact replica of Hogsmeade and hid the rides around it. Sleepy Scottish towns don’t lend themselves well to huge crowds of people, but what the place loses in ‘OH MY GOD I CAN’T MOVE’ it more than makes up for in authenticity. We went back one evening, after dark and after the crowds, and I was breathtaken by how enchanting the place was. I sat outside the Hogs Head, drinking butterbeer and staring up at Hogwarts in the distance, and it struck me that it was like every childhood dream come true at once. It was absolutely terrific, and a must see – just go in two or three years, once the crowds have died down a little.

And the rest of my holiday? I had an excellent time. I’m back now, and things are starting to gear up for Manchester. Accomodation is sorted, I have my timetable for the first week (endless inductions and introductions, sigh… ), and all that remains is for the 18th of September to roll around. I cannot wait for M-day, but the closer it gets the further away it seems. At the start of the summer, three months seemed like nothing, but now three weeks seems like an unbearable wait.

and all you can hear is the sound of your own heart
and all you can feel is your lungs flood and the blood course
but i can see five hundred years dead set ahead of me
five hundred behind
a thousand years in perfect symmetry.


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