my year in lists

For the first time in four years, I have had a good July. In fact, it’s been an excellent July. For the most part, things have been very pleasant, and there’s been a handful of really amazing days in all of this.

Graduation was very fun. Okay, the actual ceremony wasn’t: my hat kept falling off, I spent the whole time on stage praying that I wouldn’t fall off, and then by the end I became thoroughly bored of clapping strangers. But the day itself was great. I got to see all the maths crew again, and after the ceremony, the department held a reception in Firth Hall. It was a proper goodbye to maths in Sheffield, which is what I think I was missing. Lectures finish very abruptly and impersonally, and then you go away and revise and sit exams and that’s it. It was nice to get the chance to say goodbye to all these lecturers from the past four years. If it weren’t for some of these people, I probably wouldn’t be starting a PhD. Scary stuff.

Truck was very, very fun. I’m not sure I can really do it justice here. The sun was out all weekend, there was always a decent band to go and see, and the whole atmosphere was super relaxed and carefree. Highlights? It’s hard to pick, but Bellowhead were phenomenal, finally seeing This Town Needs Guns was brilliant (“This song is called 26 is dancier than 4… “), Meursault’s opening set was great,  and Egyptian Hip Hop straight into Los Campesinos! was very exciting and dancy. Top stuff, all of it.


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