there’s a lot to be done while your head is still young

I can’t believe university is over, but I think I’m coping quite well. It helps that I’m not finished yet. Life in academia moves at such an agreeable pace, and I’d probably be a lot more sad if I knew I wasn’t going back to that lifestyle. But there’s more to learn and do and I’m blessed to have another three and a half years of mathematics and scruffy hair to look forward to.

Still, that’s going to be in a different place with different people, and there is a lot of sadness about graduating. It’s too early to tell, but I suspect that in years to come I’ll look back at University and think ‘yes, that really was a huge time in my life’. So much has happened over the past four years, and I feel that I’ve learnt a lot and changed a lot. Perhaps that’s why 2006 seems a whole lot further away than it really is. University didn’t just start a whole four years ago, it started a whole different me ago. And now it feels like I’m putting these huge, important, formative years of my life into a box and locking them away. New university, new course, new chapter. On the one hand that’s really exciting, but on the other, it’s hard to accept that university is done. It’s no longer something that’s happening to me, but something to sit in my store of memories and fondly recall.

I’m enjoying the World Cup so far, even if it took until the end of round 1 to really heat up. Lots of the groups are very open, but that means a lot of teams have gone out with defensive mindsets – in certain cases, losing the first group game really does mean certain elimination – but despite the low quality of attacking football so far, I’ve found myself following it eagerly. Perhaps it’s just the atmosphere that surrounds the tournament. It’s sunny outside, and there’s always a match on TV, and each day of matches throws up new talking points… it’s very easy to immerse yourself in it all. Best moments so far? Watching Wigan’s new signing, Alcaraz, score against Italy. Maicon’s goal. Spain 0, Switzerland 1. Worst moment? Subjecting myself to the whole of Serbia v Ghana in the hope of seeing some comedy goalkeeping from Wigan’s third and fourth choice goalies (Stojkovic and Kingson). It was an absolute snorefest. I suppose there’s a big difference between having Nemanja Vidic standing in front of you, and having one Titus Bramble there…


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