this is the same fire

“Sometimes winning… winning is no fun at all.”

I want to say something about the most recent episode of Doctor Who, because it was really very special indeed. Very occasionally a TV show or a film or a book will just transcend its format and present you with the most magnificent of things. Doctor Who has done this exactly twice: once with the superlative Blink, and now again with the equally excellent Vincent and the Doctor. I could go on and on and on about what I loved about this episode – basically, everything – but I won’t. I’ll just implore you to find it and watch it right now, whether you’ve seen it already or not.

Exams have gone okay so far. This promises to change on Friday, though. I’m very unhappy with how the Galois theory course was taught (essentially: it wasn’t), but I’ve done my best to learn it over the past few days and, well, we’ll see how the exam goes come Friday. Even if it does all go pear-shaped, I’m fairly confident I can get the nine marks I need to get a First. It’s been such an alien experience, sitting final exams with my degree (essentially) already in the bag. Motivation can be hard to find, especially once you’re past learning and discovering things and into the zone of doing the same questions again and again and again… but we’ll see.

Tomorrow is my last day of revision. Not just ‘for now’, as it has been for the past eight years, but ever. And Friday is my last day as a student. (Okay, not technically true, but I think my PhD will be a whole new chapter of my life). It doesn’t feel like the end of an era. It doesn’t feel sad, or a relief. But once the Galois exam is over and there’s room in my head for things that aren’t mathematics… perhaps it will.


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