men and flowers and girls and trees

You’ve probably noticed, but the weather is gorgeous right now. Too gorgeous, really – there’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck inside revising whilst it’s desperately sunny outside. It’s nice to finish for the day and get outside, though. I’m writing this from the garden, where I’m sitting with the rabbit and a cold bottle of beer. God bless wi-fi.

Not an awful lot has happened over the last week or so. The thing with revising is that it just takes over your entire day. You get up, start work at whatever time, and from then until the evening you’ve only really got your coffee breaks to look forward to. That’s somewhat of an exaggeration, because you obviously enjoy what you’re revising at some level (although going through the examinable proofs one more time gets tedious, fast), but still, it’s a strange lifestyle. I couldn’t keep this up for much longer than three or four weeks.

You do begin to appreciate your free time more, though. I’ve spent some really nice evenings in the pub over the last two weeks. It’s certainly a change of pace from going out in Sheffield, but it’s still very nice. Last night was really good, actually – we went to watch the Champions League final in the White Hart, where we discovered the fantastic £7 four-pint pitchers of Carling. Excellent. The match itself was good, too. It reminded me of last years final, in that they were both really open, but at the same time, only ever had one winner. I am increasingly taken with Mourinho’s pragmatic tactics (watching Barcelona v Inter last month was a revelation). I spent lots of time last summer trying to recreate Barcelona’s slick passing game on Football Manager. I suspect that this summer will see at least one attempt to do the same with Mourinho’s 4-2-1-3.

It’s very nice, being home. I miss lots of things about Sheffield. I miss my boys, I miss Bar One, I miss the girl I’ve been seeing for the past few weeks. But lazy evenings in the pub and blogging in the sun make me almost not want to go back. That said, I suspect that come June 12th, I won’t want to leave. I am blessed to have two worlds, both of them excellent.

My sister is parading around with the lawnmower. “Guess who I am!” She’s pretending to be dad. It’s such an inane thing to do, but I’m still smiling. If I wasn’t sitting my finals in under a week, I’d be feeling really very close to perfect. As is, we’ll just go for pretty good.


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