gravity is on my side

My first week in Sheffield was terrible. Atrocious. I can’t recall a more miserable week in my life. It only seems fitting that this last week has been uniformly excellent. I spent most of the weekend working, but before that there was very little mathematics and lots of good times. We went to see Nick Clegg speaking in town on Wednesday, which was great, and on Thursday Pete and Anders came up to see 65. Here’s Radio Protector, which was every bit as awesome as it looks in the video. I stayed up that night with my housemates, watching the election results unfold. I found the results themselves to be rather disappointing, but there was certainly something undeniably exciting about voting in my first election and then following the results.

I’m going home in a few hours. It’s not a goodbye – I’m back in just over a fortnight for finals – but it certainly feels like one. After a lot of soul-searching, I turned down the funding offer from Sheffield on Sunday. I think going somewhere new is the right choice: I’m very young and very bright and I want to live in all sorts of exciting places and meet all sorts of exciting people while I still have the chance! Still, ever since I confirmed that I wouldn’t be in Sheffield next year, I’ve felt a real sense of sadness. These really are the last times I’ll go to the Hicks building, walk through the park, go to Bar One, end up in Corp…   but what times. They’ve been terrific.


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