loose with my tongue and free with my hands

Where were we? I think I’d just handed in my dissertation draft and was looking forward to spending nine days with very little to do. In the end, it turned out to be ten days, and they were ten excellent days. I spent hours in the sun, met a nice girl, went to a wedding, saw this girl a bit, drank lots of wine, ate lots of olives, and generally felt pretty good about life.

This carefree lifestyle had to stop at some point, though, but I got some very good feedback on my project draft (when it eventually came back), and after pulling a shift over the weekend I’m about an afternoon’s work away from finishing the final script. That’s certainly not going to be this afternoon, though. I resolved not to do any work whatsoever today, which is a bit like a usual day, really, except today I’m not feeling guilty about it. Am enjoying the “day off” so far, although I haven’t really done much with it yet. Perhaps that’s the point.

I love weddings. I think we’ve established this fact already. Wedding renewals aren’t quite as good, but they’re still lovely. I think it used to be the case that I really couldn’t wait to get married. These days, I certainly can wait, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be excited by the prospect of it, or by weddings in general. Everyone’s happy at weddings, and the evening is punctuated by dances and toasts and speeches that have no right to be as heartwarming as they are. Scary thought, mind: my uncle and aunt got married when they were twenty five. Twenty five!

The new Doctor Who continues to be the greatest thing ever. It’s clever, moody, exciting and never fails to be anything less than first rate. And yeah, there’s Amy Pond. I have no idea how they got away with her jumping the Doctor on her wedding night, but I certainly enjoyed it. I find her to be a really empowering character, and she’s just such a welcome departure from the  previous companions. And yes, she’s not bad for a ginger.

Tomorrow I begin my last ever week as an undergraduate. I don’t even want to think about how fast the last four years have gone. University has taught me a lot: not only about mathematics and being independent in the world, but about who I am, what my dreams are, and what I really want out of life. I think this was inevitable, but when my lectures finish on Monday and I leave Hicks for the last time, it’ll be a different person walking out of the door than the guy who walked in four years ago. Last week, let’s go.


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