it’s stunning to know i’ve survived

I find myself in the rather pleasant situation of having nothing  to do. Next year’s sorted (for the most part – I’ll see where else I get funding, and then make a decision then), I handed in my dissertation draft yesterday (so that’s out of mind until next Thursday), did my project presentation on Friday, and have finished all impending homeworks for the near future. Of course, there’s never nothing to do, and there’s always interesting mathematics to learn, but it’s quite nice to have no pressure weighing on me. To be honest, I’ve felt this relaxed ever since I secured funding at Aberdeen – given my current average, getting a first is really just going to be a formality, and whilst I like to keep up with homeworks and reading for my courses, it’s not essential – I can always take an afternoon off and catch up later. Life has a pleasant pace at the minute, and I’m just enjoying it while it lasts. I suspect this relaxed feeling will fade pretty quickly once I start my PhD..

It probably helps that it’s so sunny at the moment, too. I spent a lazy, guilt-free afternoon in the park today, playing frisbee with Tom and Andy, and it was just lovely to spend some time outside messing around and being carefree. Plus, we saw someone get their shoe stuck up a tree. Always fun to watch.

Excellent weekend. Two things. One: Am I the only one who likes the new Daleks? It seems so. Two: Oh yes.

We all went to the pub last night; the little one that’s only two minutes down the road that we really don’t go to often enough. When I said we all went to the pub, I mean all, even the people who don’t usually come with us (you know who you are!). It was really nice – quiet, low-key, and just rather nice. There are loud nights and there are quiet nights, and then there are the nights where you realise that you’re so, so lucky to have an excellent bunch of friends and lots of time to spend with them. I’m a happy Root right now. So, let’s see how long this lasts..


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