god that was strange to see you again

It’s nice to be back at university. Life in Sheffield is always interesting, but at the same time, there’s never particularly much drama, at least not involving me. University has always been a drama-free zone, but never boring. Lots of things happen, I have lots of fun, and it’s not particularly often that I find myself overly stressed or particularly upset about anything. For the most part, things here are easy, and when they’re not, well, dealing with things when they go slightly crazy.. that’s a life skill, right?

Anyway: after three lazy weeks at home, it was nice to have a weekend packed with stuff. I visited Oxford on Saturday with some classmates, went out with the housies that evening, and spent Sunday evening eating pasta bake, watching Doctor Who, and trying to reconstruct the mysterious two hours missing from Mark’s memory of the evening before. Best theory thus far: a Doctor Who style voting booth.

Speaking of Doctor Who – the new series is excellent. Okay, it’s perhaps too early to say that, but I am hugely encouraged by the style and the general feel of the new episodes. And Matt Smith? He’s great. Karen Gillan, too. I wish that the Times would stop spoiling the episodes, though. They gave away the wedding dress last week in the TV guide, and this week they gave away.. pretty much everything, really.

I got an offer to study in Leicester next year. I was quietly hoping they’d reject me, or not get back to me. Decisions, decisions…


2 Responses to “god that was strange to see you again”

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