rehearsing my choir

Exciting times call for exciting blogs, I suppose, but you probably won’t find much of the latter here today. These are exciting times, though – over the space of a week, I’ve had PhD offers from Sheffield, Aberdeen, and Manchester. Looking at my grades (and, ahah, having read my references) I was pretty confident that I’d get an offer from somewhere, but still, actually getting offers is a wonderful mix of relief, surprise, and disbelief. Aberdeen are already in a position to offer me funding, too, which just adds to this sense of disbelief. No way does anyone want to pay me over thirteen thousand pounds a year to do something I love. That’s insane.

So, it seems that I have a rather large decision to make over the next month or so. And of course, I still have to actually get my degree, pass with a first, and so on. But it’s nice to have the future sorted, even if it’s only sorted in a sense. Best of all, now that someone’s decided that I’m mathematician material, I can actually start enjoying my mathematics again without feeling guilty or starting to worry about the future. Ace.


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