exile in guyville


It has been at once both an eventful and an uneventful semester. Lots has happened, but not a lot of it was unexpected. Here’s the last two months, then, in a nutshell: I passed my exams, and found a nice working rhythm (something that I was missing last semester). I kept on top of my project reading and homework and generally felt a lot more organised than I did before Christmas. I TeXed a whole lot and spent more time in the library than I have in the past seven semesters combined. I applied to a bunch of places to do PhDs – fingers crossed! I found out at 5.20pm one Tuesday that I was going to Manchester the next morning. I love Manchester. It’s always sunny when I’m there. I finally finished the book I’ve been reading since last summer. I finally got round to seeing a pile of films I really should have seen already, and I saw my first 3D  film (and was very much unimpressed by the whole affair). I bought a Canadian flag, hung it in our living room, and drank Canadian beer whilst watching the Winter Olympics. I watched Wigan beat Liverpool in a bar full of Liverpool fans. I (well, we) came up with our own cocktail mix and persuaded the guys behind the bar to mix us a pitcher. (Our rich French pal was there, and he paid for it – score!) It was quite nice, actually. I’ll post the recipe when I’m back in Sheffield.

This is just the highlights reel, or to be more accurate, things that I can remember right now. The last few months have been very relaxed and very fun. Okay, so nothing really exciting has happened, but that’s cool. Things are pretty good, really.


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