convince me i am pretty

Life is still good, and there’s still not very much to say. I do like to try and keep up to date with blogging, though, so let’s try this anyway!

Term has been fun so far. Last semester got a little heavy at times, partly due to some poor organisation on my part, and partly due to some poor lecturing and, in particular, disastrous running of courses. This term promises to be different. I’m not sure what it is, but my work ethic always seems to increase drastically during the spring and summer months. I highly suspect it has something to do with getting back from a lectures and it not being pitch black and raining outside, but there’s probably an aspect of having just spent the last few months revising for my exams and being in a better mindset because of it (rather than last semester, which started after a long, lazy summer). Whatever it is, I always enjoy the second semester better than the first. We’re only two weeks in, but I think it’s going that way so far. Have resolved to keep on top of things this semester, even in the fact of endless project reading. Last term a lot of things got sacrificed for dissertation reading. This semester, I’m determined that I won’t let everything else fall by the wayside, even though I’ve probably got even more to read this semester. The discovery of the library has helped this aim a lot.

CGE w/CSE is in my tutorial class again this semester. Yay?

That’s all, really. It’s quite refreshing, really – right now, I’m taking life at my own pace, and everything’s okay, and it’s incredibly pleasant. I promise to blog the moment something exciting happens, though! I just can’t promise that it will..


1 Response to “convince me i am pretty”

  1. 1 Arven March 1, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    You haven’t told me about CGE.. get ready to spill the heinz in bar1 later

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