relieved and now we see the road

So, it appears to have snowed rather a lot. I thought we were past that! I had to beat a strategic retreat from the pub last night to avoid the worst of it, but I’m back at home and, now that exams are over, there’s no reason to venture out into it. It’s nice to have a bit of a break, even if it is only until Monday.

It’s even nicer to have the exams over and done with. For the past few years, I’ve described January as a ‘write off’ of a month, as I do little with it but revise and sit exams. That’s a little bit untrue, as the past month hasn’t been without excitement. I’ve spent a lot of nice evenings in very good company. I’ve been surrounded by my dearest family, heaps of food, and lots of wine. I’ve caught up with an old friend. I’ve enjoyed a really satisfying game of FM (it’s been hard to keep away from it during the exam period.. ). I’ve been on a date. And I have learnt a lot of beautiful mathematics.  But still, it’s been difficult to really relax with exams looming over everything. It’s good to have that behind me. I’m going to enjoy my free time over the next few days, but I’m really looking forward to lectures beginning again. That’s what it’s all about!

Everyone seems to be growing up so quickly. One of my housemates has found a full-time job in Sheffield (he’s taking a year out from university), and he’s getting up at 6 every morning and going to bed early. Everyone I grew up with has either graduated, or is graduating this summer. One of my closest friends from home just got engaged. I feel like all this should scare me, but I’m determined not to let it. Life is pretty exciting for me too, and I’m just going to take it at my own pace.


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