caution caution caution

It always seems rather artificial to review the year at the end of December, but then again, it always seems to fit. Looking back, each year seems to have its own distinct tone and character, and there’s something extremely appealing about the chance to take account of the year and then make a fresh start come January 1st. Of course, every day is the start of a new year (here we define year as a 364-and-a-quarter day long period), and there’s always a chance to make a fresh start, but there’s something  about the start of the year that really gives you some resolve. 01-01 is nice and clean and unblemished, and you sort of want to keep it that way.

2008 was a big, loud year. A lot happened and, over the course of the year, a lot changed. 2009 has been quieter. In a lot of ways, not much has changed: at the end of 2008, I was progressing steadily through my degree and fairly enjoying life. A year later, things are much the same. I think the big difference between then and now is how much older I feel. I think I’ve done a lot of growing up and learnt a lot of lessons, especially since the summer. I’ve been having a great time in Sheffield this last semester, and I think one of the reasons why is that I’ve been opening myself up to new experiences. I’m making a bit of an effort to do things I wouldn’t have done before, and to try new things out. Too much of this can lead to a bit of an identity crisis, and of course, when you try unexpected things you’re going to inevitably end up in uncomfortable situations, but so far I think it’s going okay.

It’s even sillier to do this by the decade, but the start of a new decade is also an irresistable. I can’t remember where I was at the start of last decade. I’m not quite sure I’m in the right place at the start of this new one. But there are ten years in which to make sure I’m exactly where I want to be come 2020. That is the plan.

Have a cracking new year, all of you. But especially the three people who checked my blog on Christmas Day. You guys are legendary.


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