i am learning how to be lost completely

…and stop.

Been back in ‘da Sham’ for about an hour now; long enough that it’s okay to disappear to my room and, umh, ‘unpack’. It’s very nice to be back; the house is warm and cosy in a way Mona Road isn’t, and the halls are decked up something proper. Am feeling relaxed and really rather Christmassy. There’s lots of work to do between now and the New Year, but that can start tomorrow – for tonight, it’s time to enjoy being back.

Of course, that’s not to say I don’t miss Sheffield. I do, and I think by the end of the holiday, I’ll be missing it dearly. It’s been a long, strange semester. I’ve had some great times, and done some really stupid stuff, but this side of it all I feel that I’ve learnt a lot about myself. So yes, it’s been strange – and at times, very unexpected – but perhaps the best semester yet. The next few months have a lot to live up to.

Have barely been back five minutes, and am going out in, oh, about an hour. This alway seems to happen, but I don’t mind – I like to keep busy. Allons-y!


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