love loud

I don’t have a terrible lot to say. Lectures finished on Friday, and I took my final tutorial class yesterday, but there’s still two weeks until my dissertation deadline, so I’m still hard at work here in Sheffield (okay, work and attending Christmas parties. I need some form of distraction!).

Things are going well, though – all semester I’ve been wishing I had uninterrupted time to sit down and think about my project, and it’s really really useful. Am having daily epiphanies where I suddenly understand everything. I live for these; I think the thing I most enjoy about Christmas is the chance to really start understanding some of the courses I’ve taken this semester. It’s an addictive feeling, that moment of pure clarity when you finally get something. Of course, that moment fades and five minutes later you’re not entirely sure you’ve really got it, so you read it through again, and eventually you find yourself understanding it.

Last week was long, tiring, and bordered on the surreal at times. But the important thing is that I made it through. Am looking forward to Christmas – friends, family, and the time and space to do some real study – but again, am feeling rather sad about the prospect of leaving Sheffield, if even only for a few weeks. Which, when you think about it, is really quite a nice position to be in – between two places where I really feel at home.

So yes, not much to say, but man most certainly alive.


1 Response to “love loud”

  1. 1 darthargance December 8, 2009 at 11:43 pm

    I really sorry, I still not know when I working; I will find out tomorrow. I will come and see you. x

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