underachievers please try harder

So, I’m at home this weekend, but only for the most flying of visits. In fact, I haven’t even left Sheffield yet – I’m going to catch a train at 4, go to my cousin’s 18th, and then come back Sunday afternoon. After a week where it’s only been knockoff energy drinks* and the satisfaction of finishing my dissertation draft keeping me going, all I really want to do right now is sleep, but am also looking forward to the chance to go home and have a lovely time with my family. Have decided that there is no way I am doing any work this weekend. Yes, come Tuesday when my draft is returned it’ll be back to usual, but for now I’m just going to enjoy the lull. I’m delivering my project presentation on Monday, but that’s not a worry – I’m oozing confidence for that. I’m quite a shy person – perhaps not so much these days as I used to be – but if there’s one thing I don’t have a problem with, it’s delivering presentations and speeches. It’s weird – I can be really shy, but as soon as I feel that I have the authority to talk to people, I can become rather quite confident. Right now, I feel that courage is something I could really do with, and it’s nice to be put in a situation where I feel I have some.

We’re on the final straight of this semester, but in many ways it feels like I’m still back at the start. I feel like I’m staggering over the line, rather than taking it full pelt like I did this summer, but I think the important thing is that I’ve made it. I have Christmas to really get on top of the mathematics before the exams, and for that reason right now I’m mostly concentrating on my dissertation. Moral: I need to keep on top of things better, and maybe put more man-hours in. But that’s a lesson I’ve learnt for the new year. For now, it’s a lazy weekend, and I intend to, well, make the most of it. I appreciate the irony there.

* please don’t try to follow my example here. Energy drinks are incredibly Faustian things – sure, they get you through a night of working, but then you feel beyond tired for a week afterwards. Be brave and stay with coffee.


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