on your seven soft sheets

Things I learnt this weekend:

  • Cooking a pizza on the bottom of the oven is a recipie for disaster, or at least burnt pizza. We desperately need a second overn shelf. Idealy, we need a new oven, but pfft. Like that’s going to happen.
  • Boxing is the most ridiculous sport ever, if only because it turned our favourite bar into what Tom would describe as a “sausage fest”. That’s probably being a touch too harsh, but there certainly was a lot of testosterone. It did not make for a place I particularly wanted to be.
  • It’s increasingly apparant that I cannot work on Saturdays. Every Saturday I make a half hearted attempt at doing some work and just end up highly distracted. Even removing myself to the library didn’t seem to work; I still discovered new and interesting ways to avoid working.
  • Sundays are a completely different story, though. No matter how late I wake up or how urgh I feel, I seem to get so much done on Sundays. In the morning I sit down with a mug of tea and some paper and a pencil and I just don’t stop. I cannot explain why I’m so anaemic towards work on Saturdays and yet so monstrously motivated on Sundays. It’s just something that seems to be happening, and something that I really noticed this weekend.
  • LaTeXing up work is highly satisfying, but takes an absolute age and doesn’t really feel like actual work. Still, I haven’t gotten over the thrill of producing documents that look like the course notes and problems sheets we’ve been using for the past four years. It all feels so authentic!
  • Pub quizzes in Sheffield aren’t any easier than ones in Ashby, nor have I suddenly become a pub quiz expert since the summer. It’s just that some weeks everything goes your way, and some weeks it really doesn’t. And some weeks, your encyclopaedic knowledge of failed Coca Cola products backfires spectacularly. (No comment.)
  • Life is better with digestive biscuits. No question about it. This is by far the most important thing I’ve learnt this weekend. Everything else pales in comparison.

And now it’s midnight, and the weekend is over, and since there is no more left to learn, I am going to sleep. It’s been an absurdly long and very tiring week, but like I said this time last week, onwards and upwards. There’s no reason to head in any other direction.


1 Response to “on your seven soft sheets”

  1. 1 Tom November 13, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    Needs more “Goyf”

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