the light was getting gray

I’ve taken to walking to and from lectures through Weston park. I’ve always been in far too much a rush to do so, since it adds a good five minutes to my journey, but I was forced through there early last week due to building work on my usual route, and I was struck by the sort of stark beauty it has; all cold, shallow lakes and grey skies against autumnal trees. I didn’t pay much attention to it when they were redoing it last year, but I’m glad I’ve discovered it. It’s certainly worth getting up five minutes earlier every morning for.

October’s always been a month of changes, though. I’ve stopped drinking black coffee (too used to milky drinks after a big tea phase), and I’ve started reading The Times rather than The Guardian (partly in an ill-thought out scheme to make myself feel and appear more intelligent, but mostly because I tend to read the Grauniad website in the mornings and there’s very little point in buying a newspaper I’ve already read). The new university year brings so many changes, because you have to take who you were when you left for summer six months ago and sort of bring that to terms with who you are now. It’s just the little things that change, but they’re noticeable.

Having a really great time in Sheffield, but it was still nice to go home last weekend, even if my room has been taken over by an assortment of small, furry animals (but it’s okay, because our bunny is adorable). Spent a fairly quiet yet really lovely night with Paul, Pete and Bob on Saturday, and then came back to Sheffield late on Sunday evening, went for a quiet pint at our local with Tom and Mark, and ended up rocking face at a pub quiz (we got 29/35, and the winning score was 31). Certainly better than the meagre pub quiz efforts I took part in over summer! Onwards and upwards, I suppose.


2 Responses to “the light was getting gray”

  1. 1 darthargance November 2, 2009 at 8:08 pm

    I hope you’re not saying our pub quiz efforts were feeble. It’s the hardest one in Ashby, don’tcha know. x

  2. 2 hesternal November 2, 2009 at 9:50 pm

    Agree with Paul. Clearly your Sheffield quizzes are far too easy.

    And good idea trying the Times, it’s obviously the best paper for unbiased reporting. or maybe it’s just that its subtle prejudices are in line with my own… xxx

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