don’t tell me about a bad reaction

So, I haven’t blogged for a while. And a bit like my blogging habits this semester, I’ve been feeling very stop-start as of late. Some days I’m feeling really settled and happy, and then others I just feel a bit melancholy and a little restless almost, and I can’t place why. It’s frustrating, to say the least, because it does leave me feeling a bit unsettled. Am feeling perfectly content right now, though – perhaps something to do with this mug of tea and this pile of mathematics. Tea and mathematics are both wonderful, wonderful things, but together they’re somehow more than the sum of their parts.

Was finally assigned my dissertation title – “Category theory in algebraic topology“. I’m exercising a bit of blind faith here, choosing a subject I literally know nothing about, but I like the supervisor and I think I’ll enjoy it. The reading I’ve done so far has been fascinating, but a little mind-blowing at times. I like my mathematics abstract, but wow, category theory takes it to a whole new level. None of the definitions make much sense until you touch ground in Set or Grp or wherever and start playing around with things that you do know about. Then you can go back to the original definition and it starts to make a bit more sense. Still not too convinced about products, really not convinced about coproducts.

The other modules I’m taking are all going fine, though. Was pleased to find that they were the big step up from third year that I’d been hoping for, but am coping for the moment. I continue to fall more and more in love with commutative algebra by the minute, especially now it’s being taught by someone competent (who, incidentally, has the most gorgeous voice). One thing that I’m really glad I’m doing is teaching first year tutorials. The reason is more selfish than altruistic, though  – the problems sheets haven’t changed since I was a first year (and really, it was only three years ago), and it’s really quite enlightening seeing how absolutely trivial they seem now compared to three years ago. I was initially very nervous about this – what if these first years are stuck on a problem that I can’t do – but that hasn’t happened, and it’s really opened my eyes to how much my general mathematical competence has risen over the past few years. Granted, the course I’m attached to is really very easy, but it’s still a nice realisation to have. Also, really selfish reason: Cutest Girl Ever who flashes Cutest Smile Ever whenever I come over to help her. Ahah.

The last few days: probably too much dancing, probably not enough mathematics, definitely too much wine. So yeah, despite this lingering sense of unease, things’re okay. Am working on good.


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  1. 1 hesternal October 12, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    NB: the idea that there could ever be “too much dancing” is a fallacy.

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