a turn to myself

I’d barely arrived in Sheffield when I fell ill – since Sunday I’ve been pretty much stuck in bed. Am feeling much better today, though, so hopefully I’m through the worst! Anyway, as false starts go, that was a big one. So let’s start over:

Aside from the hiccough that was the whole falling ill thing, I’ve settled into Sheffield pretty well. I’m enjoying life in my new house, and whilst my room here is small, it’s also very cosy. Not having anywhere to keep my washing is a pain (it’s in the living room right now), but other than that it’s fairly nice.

Lectures have technically started, but I haven’t been to any yet. Had the day off today, though, and I’m everything I wasn’t on Sunday night – organised, prepared, and – crucially – feeling well. Have a day packed with lectures and meetings, and I’m looking forward to being busy for the first time in an age. I’ve had fifteen weeks of feeling rather aimless – I feel it’s time to go find some direction.


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