coming closer every day

I still have Monday’s Grauniad lying on my shelf, and the sports pages happen to be on top. I had to laugh when the headline caught my eye this morning – England are a flawed side under Capello, says Bilic. Lol. Am enjoying watching the women’s team (okay, I typed that before I realised how it sounded) in their Euro final, even though it’s not quite going as well as last night’s match did. Spectacularly exciting, though! (It’s 2-3 as I type this.)

So yes, it’s been a quiet few days, but in a good way. Things are just ticking along, really – my driving’s getting better and better, our pub quiz efforts are getting.. well, weaker and weaker, but still funsauce!, and things are just going slowly but nicely. It’ll soon be time to go back to Sheffield, and I think I’m in two minds about it – sometimes it just feels like I cannot wait to get back there, and then sometimes it just feels that I quite like my quiet, uneventful life here. I think the Sheffield side is winning, though. I even did some maths yesterday. Wow.

It’s sort of weird, really – I keep in touch pretty closely with my friends from home while I’m at university, but over summer I barely (read: never) speak to my uni friends. I mean, I speak to Richard and Dan on the phone occasionally – but that’s it, really; I don’t even seem to Facebook people or whatever. I guess it makes it nicer when I get back to Sheffield and get to see them again, so yeah.. it’s just a weird thing I’ve noticed.

Midway through Abyss – this book is so fantastically creepy and weird. I should not read it before bed, as I learnt last night.

(2-4. Booo.)

(2-5. I should spend less time trying to find a subject line for my post. Also, boooooo.)


1 Response to “coming closer every day”

  1. 1 Paul September 11, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    I’m the opposite – I barely talk to you guys at all whilst I’m at uni (cos I fail), but I’m in constant contact with my uni friends. Lol. =) x

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