six different ways go deep inside

I tend to make a lot of lists. It’s a habit that works for me; without the To Do list I keep during term time, I just wouldn’t get anything done. It’s also a bit of a thinking aid, too – whenever I’ve something that needs thinking about, I try to distill it down into list form. Things are easier to digest and tackle when they’re broken down and bullet pointed.

Woke up this morning to find the following list on my desk:

It’s just a silly list I made last night, in that fantastic gap between getting home from a night out and actually going to bed, but it really made me smile when I found it this morning. It doesn’t actually seem to be anything more than a list of drinks, but then you hit the last bullet point, and you realise that it’s actually been telling a story. Beyond that, I’m not really sure why it struck such a chord with me this morning, but there you go.

Anyway: Feeling content. Feeling good.


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