innocently learning your language

Last week started off fairly badly but ended very well, whilst this week seems to have been the polar opposite. That said, yesterday was fairly pleasant, and it’s my uncle’s 50th birthday party tonight – very much looking forward to it. I’m blessed with the most fantastic extended family you could ever hope to have, and seeing them is never dull.

My hair is so.. mercurial as of late. Some days it goes wonderfully soft and falls just how I like it, and on other days I literally cannot stand it. Predictably, it’s usually the days where I’m seeing people that it goes nasty, and the days when I’ve nothing planned that it chooses to be nice.

Rough time to be a Wigan fan – following the great win against Villa on the opening weekend, we’ve lost all three of our games. I can really see us going down this season, but I’m keeping faith with the manager! I’m sure he knows what he’s doing. Everton away today, and then a tough run of fixtures against West Ham, Arsenal, and Chelsea. I can see us getting three points at best from the next four games. After that the fixture list gets a lot nicer, but yeah, September is going to suck.

Last week I judged my self-worth by the number of hits my WordPress had per day, this week I’ve been judging it by my high scores on Audiosurf. Anders and Pete kept raving about it, so I had to try it out, and I’m somewhat hooked. I’m currently the “Pro Champion” of Tropical Ice-land by The Fiery Furnaces, and, umh, S.P.E.W. by Harry and the Potters.


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