i’m waiting to know you far away

It’s been a busy few days.  Brooksy recaps the weekend very well here, although I feel that he gives Acresford a little too much credit. It really is a boring, boring place. I think the Wiki page sums it up best – it is literally just one line long. (Needless to say, our attempt to spice things up a little didn’t go down too well.)

Paul and I also went on a walk earlier in the week. Paul drove to Measham, and we walked to.. his house in Donisthorpe. And then back to Measham, to get his car. Yeah. I think I need to start thinking ahead with these walks – the routes seem to be becoming increasingly pointless and circular. A bit of forward planning might help here.

Last week we came third from last in the pub quiz, and this week we were fourth from last! That’s an improvement, right? I think the quiz was a lot easier this week, or at least, there were less rounds where it seemed like we got absolutely nothing. Then again, there were less rounds about 1980s cop shows this week, so yeah.

I’ve been enjoying working at the charity shop! I went in on Tuesday morning, and again yesterday afternoon. I like how flexible I’m allowed to be with my hours: since I’m only volunteering, they don’t mind when I come in, so my plan is just to work a few mornings or afternoons a week when I’ve nothing better to do. It’s quite fascinating, seeing “behind the scenes”, as it were. They get sent a lot of crap; stuff like clothes that are ripped and stained and we just have to throw them away. The shop’s run with quite a military precision, too – every day we sweep the shop floor for any items that have been sitting on the shelves for more than two weeks, and then we get rid of them and replace them with fresh stuff.  The best job so far has been sorting through and labelling the Mills & Boon novels. I can’t decide which is my favourite title – “Sold to the Sheikh“, “Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded“, or one of the many books with “The Greek Tycoon” in the title. Tycoon is such an.. unsexy word.

So yes, whilst it’s been a busy few days, it’s also been an uneventful few days. I mean, that’s not necessarily a bad thing – I’m feeling pretty content and there’s nothing awful or dramatastic kicking off in my life – but I can’t really shake the feeling that I’m doing little of importance right now. Y’know, this summer just feels like I’ve been marking time until I go back to University. I guess the past few summers I spent a lot of time seeing my ex-girlfriend, and you obviously make the most of that time and it feels really worthwhile, even though you’re essentially just hanging with someone, but this summer it’s just been like.. I don’t feel like I’ve done – or can do – anything of anything importance before I go back to Sheffield. I can see my friends a lot and have a lot of nice times, and I have been doing that, so I’m happy, but it still gnaws away at me, the fact that you’re kinda doing..  nothing. I mean, I have a nice little job, I’m doing a bit of maths, and I’m having some really fun times, which is as much as you can ask for, really, but things aren’t really going to get started again until next term starts. I dunno, I just feel a little bit in limbo.

It’s painfully obvious that in two months when I’m back in Sheffield and the workload is piling up and up, I’ll really miss this, but right now I’m longing for the academic year to begin. It’s going to be the most important one of my life – I mean, the next three years of my life sorta hinge on it – and I’m eager to get started.

Like I said, it’s no biggie, really. I’d just like a summer with more purpose. As long as the friends and the good times don’t stop, though, the alternative isn’t that bad.


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