sometimes summer wears away

I’m having a lovely month. Last month was a bit of a rollercoaster, and it whilst it had highs it also had a lot of lows, but this month I’ve been trying my hardest to keep high rather than low and yes, like I said, August has been good so far. Surrounding myself with friends and things to do – that’s the trick, I think.

Clearing out my cupboards was less of a chore and more of an adventure in the end, once I got past the initial “oh God there’s so much junk in here!”. I quickly learnt not to be afraid to throw things away – even old, sentimental things – and that made the job a lot easier.

I did come across quite a lot of old sentimental stuff, most of it from when I was in the sixth form. I”ve been in really quite a reflective mood these past two days, really – when you find something, you want to sit down and look through it, and you finish it thinking “awh! how cute” or “arghhhh embarrasing!”. Unsurprisingly, the diary I kept in lower sixth was split pretty much 50/50 between the two. The diary ends just before things nearly happened with F; when I used to get home from school and talk to her on msn until I went to bed (and wrote my diary, I spose?) Things didn’t work out in the end (due to a catastrophe of bad timing, really), but the diary stops before I get to that part, and I just had the most stupid of grins on my face when I finished reading.

The best bits in there, though, are my “Notes to future self”. Jepson suggested that they said, “Please, please don’t be a douche!”, but he is in fact wrong. No prizes for guessing his punchline, either.

In the end, I not only tackled my cupboards, but my wardrobe, the mess underneath my computer, and the bottom two shelves of my bookcase (the shelves of DOOM). I always keep my room tidy, because I cannot stand messiness, but it’s really on a different level now. S’nice to open my wardrobe or sit at my computer and not be bugged by the junk piling up.

There’s something fairly theraputic about spending the day cleaning and sorting, too. I always think better when I’m on my feet and moving. Those of you who know me will know that I’m fairly kinetic; i rarely stay still. I’m told that I sleep like that, too – I don’t stay still. I can’t really sit at a desk and work, not when I need ideas to flow – I have to get up and pace about. I don’t know, it just helps my mind work. So, in a holiday that’s sorta been defined by days with nothing to do but sit and do nothing, having a job to do that involves lots of moving and stuff has been very good. I dunno, when I spend the whole day sitting around doing nothing, it’s hard to get my mind engaged and it often feels like I’m taking the whole day in second gear. I tend to get tired earlier, too, which makes very little sense, but there you go.

Other than the grand closet cleaning, what else have I been up to? On Tuesday evening, we tackled the pub quiz at the White Hart. Whilst we didn’t fail completely, we didn’t light up the place either, but it was good fun regardless. (Pete, the bird on Liverpool’s crest is a Liver bird, which I actually knew but kinda forgot that night.)

I also became a volunteer worker! I’m helping out in the British Heart Foundation shop in Coalville. I used to really enjoy working retail when I was at the garden centre, and whilst it’s true that I’m not being paid here, I pretty much get to pick and choose my hours and I get a warm feeling because I’m helping charity! It also gives me something to do with my free time this summer, y’know, because you know my thoughts on having little to do. Plus, 25% staff discount! When you get like, random bric-a-brac from me for Christmas, you’ll know exactly why. I worked there for a few hours this morning, and it’s really quite enjoyable. Will def put in a few afternoons there next week, at the least.

So yeah, I’m having a pleasant August, and there’s the promise of more pleasant stuff in this next week or so. Tonight: Zapped by the zombie, round two! (for myself and Anders, at least.)


2 Responses to “sometimes summer wears away”

    • 2 rootpot August 14, 2009 at 12:48 pm

      Thanks for the link! I’ll give it a spin once my sister’s gone out – if she catches me listening to it, I don’t think she’ll let me live it down.

      (Also: I remember telling you about this last night, but you really do need to see it to fully appreciate it. Your daily dose of, umh, potentially lethal Kinder Surprise adverts:

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