everything that happens is from now on

My once prolific blogging habits have kinda ground to a halt this past year or so, which is kinda a shame, so I thought it was maybe time for a fresh start. Originally I was going to private all my old LJ posts and then start “fresh” there, but I can’t figure out how to private all the posts in one go (I think you perhaps need a paid account?) and whenever I go near my LJ archives I spend the next few hours reading old posts and feeling nostalgic, so I think doing them one by one would take far too long. So, here I am on WordPress! Exciting times. (And it seems like I’m not the only one making the switch!)

Talking about Brooksy, I had a very pleasant day with him yesterday. I think we were both a bit annoyed at spending a gorgeously sunny Saturday stuck indoors with nothing to do, really, so we said “no more!” and hit the nature trail the starts at the bottom of Measham. Good job we didn’t make any wrong turns, or we’d have ended up in River Way, and that would not have ended well.

We ended up walking to Moira Furnace, where we had – and this is exciting – ice cream! Like, the sort you had from the ice cream man when you were young, in a cone and everything. I only managed half of mine before it melted, which I think always used to happen to me when I was a kid, too. Ah well.

We hung around at the furnace for a bit, and then walked back via Donisthorpe. Okay, via the nearest pub, which was in Donny. It was really nice to spend some time outside in the sun while we could. The weather hasn’t been great today, but it’s brightened up a little this afternoon, so I’m holding out hope for the nice sunny weather we had last week to continue. Fingers crossed!

In other news, I “quit” my “job” yesterday. I say job; I’ve been temping in the soap factory in Ashby for a few days. As it turned out, a few days was all I could take, cause getting up at 6am to pick up bars of soap and put them in boxes all day really isn’t what I want to do with this summer. It was.. a good experience, though. That is: good as in, interesting, rather than, fun (or even midly enjoyable).

If one thing came out of my few days at the factory, it’s a bit more of an appreciation for my free time. I was keeping myself very busy before I went to Turkey, but since I’ve got back I’ve become a bit.. listless and lethargic. I have lots of things I want (and in some cases, need) to do, but I’ve been putting them off in favour of sitting around bored and not really doing much. Which, I guess, is why I couldn’t really turn down the job offer. You can’t really say, “I can’t work – I’m busy!”, when you’re not. But now I’m determined to use my time this summer more productively, if only so I won’t feel guilty turning down the job agency I’m signed up with if they ring and are like “hey come work in another factory!”.

So, today I’ve cleaned out my wardrobe of clothes I’m never going to wear ever again, and started clearing out my closets. Tomorrow the grand closet clearing adventure continues. I guess it’s still boring, but there are different levels of boring – there’s the boring where you’re stuck on a line in a factory putting soap in boxes, and the boring where at least you’re at home and can listen to music and go make a cup of tea and such. And from a purely selfish point of view, I kinda care about having neat cupboards, whereas expensive soap isn’t really something I feel too strongly about. (Seriously, £10 a bar? Who would ever pay that for soap?)

I feel that I’m starting to ramble, and that’s always a good place to stop. Despite what I’ve just said about being productive, I’m probably going to go and spend the rest of the evening playing Sensible Soccer. I’m still awful at it, but my goodness, if it isn’t the single most addictive thing in my life right now. Which, considering some of the things you could be addicted to, is something of a relief.


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